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How is performing hajj with haram wealth? Javed Sheikh’s question to scholars during show

During a show, senior actor Javed Shaikh asked a scholar about Hajj performed with Haram money, to which the scholar’s answer went viral on social media.

Recently, Javed Sheikh appeared as a guest on a private TV morning show along with other showbiz personalities and a scholar, during which he asked the scholar about performing Hajj with Haram money.

During the show, Javed Sheikh questioned that every Muslim is fond of Hajj, but many people go for Hajj and Umrah with haram money. Which activities we should perform to prepare ourselves for Hajj?

How can a person pay haram wealth to be present in the presence of Allah Ta’ala? How can one ask for forgiveness from haram money? Therefore Hajj money should be halal: Scholar

The religious scholar further said that preparation for Hajj is very important, it should not be that you carry a bag and go to the presence of Allah.

And during Hajj and also after Hajj, it is obligatory to observe prayer, along with this the members of Hajj should also learn.

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