Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Huge Increase in Pulses Price in Pakistan

The struggles of the disadvantaged are getting worse as a result of the dramatic rise in pulse prices in Karachi. Pulses are now more expensive in Karachi than wheat and sugar were previously.

Masoor dal is available for 250 rupees per kg, mash dal is available for 480 rupees per kg, and Arhar dal has beyond the 500-rupee mark and is now available for 550 rupees per kg.

The residents of Karachi are concerned about the growing costs and claim that the ability to purchase pulses has also started to diminish.

Leaders of the trading community claimed that because there is no system in place to monitor pricing, inflation is on the rise. The spike in pulse prices over the past few days has primarily impacted the salaried and daily wage classes.

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