Thursday, June 1, 2023

Hyundai Unveils Game- Changing ‘Crab Driving’ Prototype for Easy Parking

Hyundai Mobis, the parts division of the carmaker, has introduced a groundbreaking technology called e-Corner. This innovative system allows all four wheels of a vehicle to swivel up to 90 degrees, either collectively or independently.

Unlike traditional vehicles, e-Corner utilizes motors within each wheel, a configuration commonly found in electric kick scooters and bikes but rarely seen in the automotive industry.

By incorporating e-Corner, Hyundai Mobis enables cars to execute remarkable maneuvers that were previously impossible.

One notable capability is “crab driving,” wherein a vehicle can move sideways into a parking space without requiring backing up or turning the steering wheel. Additionally, the technology enables a “zero turn,” enabling the vehicle to execute a U-turn without the need for a wide turning radius, as well as a “pivot turn” where the front-right wheel remains stationary while the rear of the vehicle swings outward.

While e-Corner represents a novel concept for cars, the automotive industry has been exploring similar contraptions as far back as the 1930s. Hyundai Mobis’ pioneering technology has the potential to revolutionize vehicle maneuverability and enhance driving experiences.

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