Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Increase In Wholesale Price Of Sugar By Rs 8 Per Kg

Sugar is being sold at Rs 180 to Rs 185 per kg in the open market in Lahore.

According to the Grocery Merchant Association, a 50 kg bag of sugar is being sold for Rs 8400 in wholesale.

Cane Commissioner Punjab says that there is a stock of 1 million metric tons of sugar in Punjab, there is ample stock of sugar till the crushing season.

The sugar dealers said that if the sugar mills have this stock, then the supply line should be improved, the stock sold by the sugar mills should be delivered to the market.

Sugar dealers said that the administration should devise an effective system to balance the supply and demand, the price of sugar at the wholesale and retail level continues to increase, after an increase of Rs.8 per kg, the wholesale price of sugar reached Rs.174 per kg.

At the retail level, sugar is being sold at 180 to 185 rupees per kg, according to market sources, further increase in sugar prices is also expected.

In Peshawar too, the price of sugar has increased once again, the price of a 50 kg bag of sugar has increased by 700 rupees and has reached 9 thousand.

According to the dealers, the price of sugar per kg has increased by 14 rupees during two days. After the increase of 700 rupees in a bag of 50 kg sugar, the bag has increased from 8 thousand 300 rupees to 9 thousand rupees, while in retail, the price of sugar per kg has increased. The price has reached 190 to 195 rupees, similarly the price of sugar per kg in the wholesale market is 180 rupees.

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