Thursday, November 30, 2023

Indian Women Loses Eyesight for 18 Months by Using her Smartphone too much in Dark

A Hyderabadi woman was addicted with using her smartphone at night. Additionally, she lost her sight as a result of her nightly social media scanning habit. Dr. Sudhir, a neurologist from Hyderabad, detailed on Twitter how a 30-year-old woman’s vision was affected as a result of her habit of using her smartphone in the dark at night.

In his Twitter thread, the doctor revealed that a patient named Manju came to him with the symptoms of seeing floaters, intense flashes of light, dark zigzag patterns, and sometimes a lack of vision or concentration on objects.

When she went through the medical examination, it was diagnosed that she was suffering from smartphone vision syndrome (SVS), which can lead to eye-related problems, including blindness.

Her tendency to spend a lot of time on her phone in the dark, according to the doctor, is what caused her vision loss. A routine behaviour she has practised for around 15 months. I went over the past.

Symptoms began after she quit her job as a beautician to care for her special needs child.”She developed a new habit of browsing through her smartphone for several hours daily, including more than 2 hours at night with the lights turned off,” Dr Sudhir wrote on Twitter.  

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