Friday, May 24, 2024

Islamabad hosts 35 women footballers from Chitral for professional training

Thirty-five women footballers from Chitral, a remote region in northern Pakistan, travelled to Islamabad for a football camp organized by the Chitral Women’s Sports Club to try to be on top of their game (CWSC).

Twenty-three-year-old Karishma told that the idea behind taking these girls from Chitral to Islamabad is to give them, under the guidance of skilled coaches, the opportunity to learn the various aspects of the game and expose themselves to a productive environment.

The camp is the outcome of efforts by the founder of CWSC, footballer Karishma Ali, who has been internationally acclaimed for her contributions to sports and her efforts to change the fate of girls in her village.

“We have two coaches, Jose Alonso (Spain) and Waleed Javed (FA Level 1 and AFC C License Coach). For the next seven days, they will be teaching these girls,” she said.

Ali said the whole program is funded by the club she founded two years ago.

“Since 2018, Chitral Women Sports Club has organized various sports events, as we wanted to bring girls out of Chitral to learn a new environment and experience it.”

“We are here for seven days, and everything is being taken care of for these girls. Not only will we study football, but also the technical aspects of the life of an athlete,” she announced.

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