Thursday, September 21, 2023

Islamic Development Bank Offering Job Opportunities in Saudi Arabia with Salary upto 12,000 Saudi Riyals

The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) has recently announced exciting job opportunities in Saudi Arabia, offering competitive salaries of up to 12,000 Saudi Riyals. This presents a unique chance for individuals looking to contribute their skills and expertise to the development and growth of the Islamic finance sector.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for these job openings, candidates are required to meet certain criteria, including:

  1. Education: Applicants should hold relevant educational qualifications and degrees in the respective fields related to the job positions.
  2. Experience: Prior experience in similar roles or relevant work experience is preferred for many of the positions.
  3. Skills: Proficiency in languages, technical skills, and any specific job-related skills mentioned in the job descriptions.
  4. Citizenship/Residency: Job opportunities are open to both Saudi citizens and eligible residents in Saudi Arabia.

Documents Required:

Candidates interested in applying for the job positions at the Islamic Development Bank will typically need to submit the following documents:

  1. Resume/CV: A comprehensive document outlining the candidate’s educational background, work experience, skills, and any relevant achievements.
  2. Cover Letter: A letter of intent explaining the candidate’s interest in the position and their suitability for the role.
  3. Educational Certificates: Copies of relevant degrees, diplomas, and certificates.
  4. Identification: Valid identification documents, including national ID for Saudi citizens or residency permit for eligible residents.

Job Vacancies:

Associate Manager, Office of the CEO  Jeddah, Makkah
Division Manager, Asia Region  Jeddah, Makkah
Manager, Human Capital Management  Jeddah, Makkah
IDB3123 – Lead Legal Counsel  Jeddah, Makkah

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