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Missing 2-year-old Toddler Found Alive after 3 Days

Miraculous rescue in Karachi as 2-year-old found alive in sewer after 3 days missing. Zoe Khan survives over 18 hours underground before dramatic recovery. Suspect Abdullah confesses to the heinous act but motive unknown. Family declines legal action, thanks police and community. Child’s incredible spirit triumphs over unfathomable evil.

The missing 2-year-old child was located safe and sound in a sewer 3 days later. Muhammad Zo Khan, a 2-year-old from the Shah Latif Town, Karachi, was reportedly rescued alive after spending more than 18 hours in a sewer.

According to Sadaqat, the child’s father, his kid disappeared on September 9th, and he later saw Abdullah on surveillance footage with the boy in his arms; when questioned by Abdullah’s uncle, Abdullah eventually confessed what he knew. 

Abdullah allegedly confessed to the child’s father 18 hours ago that he had tossed Zoe Khan into a sewer, but Abdullah has yet to discover the motivation behind his actions. If the parents had believed the young accused Abdullah’s story that mosquitoes and other insects rendered the infant sick in just 18 hours, they would have forgiven him. 

The parents firmly stated, “we don’t want legal action.” Moreover, they also Shah Latif appreciates the assistance of the police and the local community.

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