Sunday, May 28, 2023

Pakistan Government Won’t allow Pakistan Cricket Team to Travel to India


The prolonged atrocities and hatred between Pakistan and India became a major halt for Cricket. The federal government has refused to give permission to the team to travel to India and participate in ODI World Cup to occur in October 2023 over security reasons. The decision resulted in huge disappointment among the cricket fans.

The government officials stated, “We cannot allow cricketers to travel to India under the prevailing situation where Muslims are falling victim to atrocities at the hands of extremists in India”. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has also expressed disappointment and have urged both neighboring countries to resolve the issues. ICC has further pleaded to ensure that all teams participate in World Cup without any hatred for each other.

Previously, India also showed concerns about Indian team to visit Pakistan for Asia Cup. It is uncertain when the detestation among the two nations will resolve and cricket industry will flourish.

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