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Pakistan Paid US$ 11 Billion in Last 10 Months Ishaq Dar 

On 8th April 2023, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said that Pakistan has paid its debts on time and in the last 10 months we have paid 11 billion dollars. The federal minister said in a statement that we will pay every foreign payment on time.

He said that a strange mentality wants to see Pakistan in default, but those who want to see the country in default have been proved wrong continuously for the last several months. He said that Pakistan has paid one-billion-dollar bonds on time.

Confusion has arisen regarding my participation in the IMF meeting. There are speculations about my participation in the IMF meeting, the schedule of which was released several weeks before these meetings, Ishaq Dar said.

“Confusion has been created about my attending the IMF meeting. There are speculations about my participation in the IMF session, schedule of which issued several weeks before these meetings,” Ishaq Dar said.

“I had to leave for United States on April 10 to attend spring sessions of the World Bank and the IMF,” finance minister said.

“A constitutional crisis has been created. The court has ordered the government to release 21 billion rupees for holding elections in Punjab. The federal government has been asked to release the amount to the election commission by April 10,” he said.

“The finance ministry has crucial responsibility with regard to the amount. I have cancelled my US visit in these circumstances on the instructions of the prime minister,” Ishaq Dar said.

“Previous government has gifted the country this financial and economic crisis. It is being said that the IMF has prevented me from attending the meeting. It could not do so, Pakistan has been a member of the World Bank and not a beggar,” finance minister said.

“How the IMF or World Bank could prevent me from the US visit,” he questioned. “I will remain present online in the spring meeting,” he further said.

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