Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Pakistan Participates in World’s Largest Jeep Rally in Saudi Arabia for First Time

The Punjab Tourism, Archaeology, and Museums Department, in collaboration with the Punjab Tourism Development Corporation (TDCP), is breaking new ground for Pakistan by participating in the prestigious Dakar Rally. This initiative signifies a momentous step for the country’s motorsports community and the broader tourism sector. The dynamic duo of Faisal Shadikhel and Zafar Shadikhel, victors of the 13th Cholistan Jeep Rally in February 2023, will proudly represent Pakistan and TDCP in the challenging Dakar Rally, hosted in the arid expanses of Saudi Arabia.

The Dakar Rally stands as the globe’s largest rally, spanning an arduous 5,000 kilometers and drawing competitors from over 100 nations. Faisal and Zafar, seasoned drivers hailing from Multan, aim to showcase their driving prowess on the international stage as they embark on this monumental journey from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia. The three-day rally, commencing on a Thursday, promises to be a riveting spectacle of skill and endurance.

This historic moment not only marks Pakistan’s inaugural entry into the Dakar Rally but also reflects the nation’s commitment to global sporting events. Secretary of Tourism Raja Jahangir Anwar expressed immense pride in Pakistan’s representation, lauding the high standards and meticulous arrangements witnessed at the event. Secretary Anwar also emphasized the pivotal role played by TDCP in initiating and organizing events like the Jeep Rally in Thal and Cholistan deserts.

The significance of such endeavors extends beyond the Dakar Rally, as Secretary Anwar highlighted the upcoming International Cholistan Jeep Rally scheduled for February. Recognized by the Federation of International Automobiles (FIA), this event annually attracts international drivers, contributing to the global appeal of Pakistan’s motorsports scene. As the nation embraces this historic participation in the Dakar Rally, it reaffirms its commitment to fostering tourism, showcasing its capabilities on the international stage, and solidifying its place in the world of motorsports.

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