Sunday, July 14, 2024

Pakistani Athlete Asked to Pay Rs. 67,000 Tax on Rs. 54,000 Gofted Shoes

Asra just took home two gold medals at the 34th National Games in Quetta. As a gift, she was given imported spikes that will allow her to restart her training.

“Someone gifted me new spikes which I direly needed to resume my training. When I went to receive the shoes, I was asked to pay PKR68,000 as a tax on it,

“I was really surprised to see the tax amount because even the shoes cost less than this. These spikes are worth PKR55,000 and someone gifted me as a help.”I don’t have shoes as my old pair is expired now. I would like to request the government to please sort out this issue,” she delivered this message through a video.

According to the athlete, the representative of the courier service informed her that the tax is imposed by the authorities and is required on imported goods.

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