Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Pakistani Rupee Loses Rs. 3 Against Euro, Here’s Today Euro Rate

In Friday’s interbank trading, the Pakistani rupee (PKR) strengthened by 17.28 paisa against the US dollar, ending the day at PKR 287.19 per USD, up from the previous session’s closing rate of PKR 287.36 per USD.

The currency’s intraday high (bid) and low (ask) were 287.75 and 287.65 respectively.

Exchange Companies set the dollar’s open market quotes at 294 for purchasing and 297 for selling. PKR depreciated 3.03 rupees against the Euro, ending the day at 314.21 instead of 311.18.

The British pound increased in price by 3.57 rupees, closing at 367.26 instead of 363.69 from the previous day. The Swiss franc increased by 4.01 rupees, ending the session at 321.96 as opposed to 317.95 from the prior one.

PKR depreciated 0.17 paisa against the Japanese Yen, finishing at 2.03 as opposed to 2.03 the day before. In comparison to the previous session, the Chinese Yuan increased 14.24 paisa, closing at 40.31 as opposed to 40.17.

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