Monday, October 2, 2023

PUBG Mobile is introducing Urdu voice packs for users in Pakistan

The famous game announced on social media, Player’s Unknown Battlefield (PUBG Mobile), plans to launch Urdu voice packs for Pakistani users.

Voice packs make it easier to navigate the game, enabling players to better understand the game and to have a better gaming experience in different geographical regions, as with the newly released Urdu voice packs.

By visiting the PUBG store and completing a mission with their friends, players also have a chance to win a free voice pack.

In Pakistan, PUBG has become extremely popular, so it does not come as a surprise that the gaming business has taken measures to further extend its popularity.

By hosting a special event for local teams, PUBG celebrated Pakistan’s 74th Independence Day in August. A competitive gaming session was integrated into The Fabulous Journey Case, in which players completed missions and earned prizes as they progressed forward in the game.

PUBG also hosts the PUBG Mobile Pakistan Challenge 2020, in which up to Rs.10 million can be won by participants.

Local players with a PUBG Mobile account above level 20 will be eligible to register via the website for this competition and registration for the challenge will end on 15th November.

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