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Samsung Pakistan Showcased Its Knox Business Solutions, New Galaxy Z Series, Multi-device connectivity, Neo QLED 8K & Premiere at ITCN, Asia’s Biggest Technology Expo!

Samsung made a big splash in Karachi this week as they showcase the technological innovation at ITCN, from the 24th till the 26th of August 2022. ITCN is the biggest tech festival of Asia, happening in Karachi which is a unique platform that provides an opportunity for the entire tech ecosystem of Pakistan to gather under one roof. This event provides a comprehensive platform to showcase solutions with the use of best technology and innovation.

Samsung, the number one tech company in Pakistan, has set up their experience-zone at the expo to display their devices & enterprise security solutions to thousands of potential buyers and consumers. The experience zone focused at the Samsung Knox solutions, latest flagship phones; Galaxy Z Flip 4, and Galaxy Z Fold 4 along with Neo QLED8K, Premiere & multi-device connectivity experience.

Knox Suite is an all-in-one package that includes Knox Platform for Enterprise, Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox Manage and Knox E-FOTA. Knox Platform for Enterprise provides defense-grade security and management features meeting the most stringent security requirements and standards. Whereas the Knox Mobile Enrollment provides the most automated and efficient way to make device enrollment easier for both IT administrators and device users. Knox Manage monitors and manages a fleet of devices remotely and secures corporate data across multiple operating systems and the Knox E-FOTA remotely controls OS

version on devices without end-user interaction, enabling seamless update to fully tested version on time.

Samsung believes that software isn’t enough, though, so Samsung builds security into the hardware of Galaxy devices as well. The most recent development on that front is the Knox Vault, which combines a Secure Processor with a Secure Memory Chip, which keeps sensitive information separate from the rest of the device. This feature makes Samsung devices stand out from its competitors, by providing the best-in-class Knox technology.

Latest Samsung Galaxy Flagship phones have also been displayed at the experience-zone and were the center of attraction for the consumers. The Galaxy Z Fold4 does a lot in one hand with its 6.2-inch Cover Screen. In both hands, the 7.6-inch Main Screen makes it your ultimate do-more device. And when you need to go hands-free, simply set it down, find a good angle and leave it there while you get more done. Galaxy Z Flip4 is a powerful and innovative fashion accessory alongside being a smartphone. The device is compact when folded, making it more pocketable and reminiscent. Z Flip4 is crafted to go truly hands-free – doing more without ever opening the phone. Great for business or social experiences

Samsung also displayed its Freestyle projector, which is equipped with a built-in smart TV experience, premium 360 sound, and HDR10 compatibility. It’s designed to bring a cinematic viewing experience, anywhere. It boasts an adjustable 180-degree cradle stand to project your favorite content from a variety of angles on different surfaces. Another amazing device, the Premiere was also flaunted at the expo that uses a laser light source to offer a dramatic home cinema experience that will make you feel like you’re in a theater. You’ll get precise color accuracy, a super wide color gamut, and exceptional brightness on max 120-inch screen space. It can even play HDR10+ content. The Samsung Premiere, Get ready for a whole new home cinema experience. No matter where you sit, the 120-inch wide screen immerses you like no other, while crystal 4K resolution gives your eyes the incredibly crisp images and optimized color expression they deserve. See all the subtleties revealed in every scene.

Samsung’s 2022 Neo QLED features Eye Comfort mode, which automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness and tone based on a built-in light sensor and sunset/sunrise information. As the ambient light changes, the screen will gradually reduce the amount of light and offer warmer tones, adjusting the blue light levels accordingly. This allows for a more comfortable viewing experience at night by reducing the blue light which may affect one’s sleep quality.

Samsung Pakistan is also showcasing their unique and amazing multi-device experience through which it aims to deliver the best interconnectivity of its Samsung devices; television, buds, watches, tablets, phones, and monitor screens. Samsung Pakistan is targeting its customers by providing them the advantage of a divergent product lineup.

At the booth, famous techies and multiple renowned people were spotted trying out the innovative products and Knox business solutions.

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