Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Spiritual Scene of Friday Prayers in Masjid al-Haram – The Video is Viral

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and every year millions of Muslims travel to Baitullah to perform this duty.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the General Directorate of Passports has announced that more than 1.342 million pilgrims have arrived in Saudi Arabia during the Hajj season this year.

According to the Directorate, as of Monday, June 19, 1,342,351 pilgrims had entered the Kingdom via air, land, and sea ports.

The number of pilgrims arriving in Saudi Arabia through airports has reached 1,280,240, the number of pilgrims arriving by land routes has reached 57,463, and the number of pilgrims arriving through sea ports has reached 4,648 so far.

Hajj will begin on June 26 in the holy city of Makkah in Saudi Arabia. This year’s Hajj is expected to see around 2.6 million Muslims come together to perform Hajj for the first time since Covid-19.

Saudi schools have finalized the preparation of tents in the Mina Arafat field while Hajj pilgrims will be transported to Mina by buses between Sunday and Monday night.

The Kingdom’s security agencies are working and preparing to ensure that members of the Hajj perform safely and smoothly.

Saudi Arabia has also unveiled its biggest-ever Hajj operational plan, which will see thousands of staff members and volunteers deployed to support millions of Hajj pilgrims.

People going for Hajj today offered Haram Friday prayers in the spirit of the video on social media.

This year, 157,000 Pakistani pilgrims have reached Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj. According to the spokesperson of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, 81,000 pilgrims have reached for Hajj through government and 76,000 private Hajj schemes.

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