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Supporting Delivery Riders Through Extreme Weather Conditions

As Pakistan faces one of its harshest summer heatwaves in recent years and with the monsoon season already beginning in parts of Punjab, the challenges for food delivery riders have become more pronounced. In these extreme weather conditions, foodpanda remains deeply committed to the well-being of its dedicated delivery riders. Recognising the critical role these individuals play in ensuring customers receive their orders timely and safely, foodpanda has rolled out several initiatives to support and protect its fleet.

During heatwaves, foodpanda has established specialized ‘Aram- gaahs’ (rest areas) at their pandamart, offices, kitchens, restaurants and riders’ hubs nationwide. They are equipped with adequate cold drinking water dispensers to ensure riders stay hydrated and maintain their energy levels throughout the day. These Aram-gaahs provide a safe haven for riders to take breaks and freshen up, helping them cope with the intense heat. 

foodpanda riders’ hubs and marts are also fitted with mist fans to provide immediate relief from the heat. Riders also have access to wet towels and caps for cooling down on a particularly hot day, and they are offered refreshing drinks to keep them energized.

Moreover, foodpanda is also conducting ongoing tests on a number of items including bike umbrellas. These bike umbrellas provide a practical solution, offering shade from the sun, thereby reducing the risk of heat-related illnesses. Additionally, they ensure that riders remain dry during unexpected downpours, especially during the monsoon season.

To keep riders informed and prepared, foodpanda has incorporated in-app communication channels that provide real-time updates and important information about extreme weather. This ensures that riders are always aware of the weather situation and can take necessary precautions. Through the app, foodpanda also offers practical tips on how to avoid heat stroke and stay safe while on the road.

Further, understanding the importance of community support, foodpanda engages regularly with its restaurant partners through the app. Restaurants are encouraged to be considerate of the extreme weather conditions faced by delivery riders and offer some rest before they resume their journeys, encouraging a culture of empathy and care.

Customers play an important role in ensuring the well-being of delivery riders during extreme weather conditions. Notifications are sent to customers suggesting offering riders a glass of water and encouraging them to be mindful of the time it might take for deliveries to arrive during harsh weather. Customers’ understanding and patience can positively contribute to a safer and more comfortable working environment for the delivery heroes who work hard to ensure orders reach their destinations in time. 

Through these comprehensive measures, foodpanda is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of its delivery riders, allowing them to continue serving customers efficiently even when the weather is rough. By prioritizing rider health and comfort, foodpanda not only maintains high service standards but also remains dedicated to the people who are the backbone of its operations.

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