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T500 Smart Watch Price in Pakistan 2023 – Specs, Straps and Other Details

Modern smartwatches have a native touchscreen interface for everyday usage and administration and monitoring through a mobile application. Customers in Pakistan may purchase this smartwatch as well. T500 Smart Watch costs are gathered from Pakistan’s most reputable online retailers; its price in Pakistan in 2023 is discussed herein.

T500 Smart Watch

Smartwatches add a slew of useful features to one’s daily routine. T500 smartwatch is considered to be one of the top smartwatches in Pakistan. The straps are made of rubber, which makes them quite comfortable.

This wristwatch is water-resistant, which is a great benefit. For instance, it becomes wet when cleaning your hands or if it becomes wet in the rain, it doesn’t affect the watch. The IP67 certification does not imply that you can dive with it.

T500 Smart Watch

Those Apple Watch-like devices are a hit among smartwatch lovers. That’s also accurate with the T500 Wristwatch, a gadget that looks somewhat like the famous wristwatch. A curving zinc alloy case with a single head dial on the side characterizes the T500 Smartwatch. It is lightweight and athletic, with a stylish silicone or nylon style.

The wearable has IP67 watertight certification and is water drop, weatherproof, and dustproof. The T500 Smart Watch comes with a variety of watch faces. A distance recorder, step tracker, and multi-sports option are available on fitness trackers.

T500 1 Smart Watch

Medical trackers, including a heart monitor, pressure sensor, and bed tracker, are also available. A calorie tracker might also be helpful. Your alerts will be much easier to view, and you’ll be able to screen calls without pulling your smartphone out of your pocket.

 Aside from that, alarm clocks and notifications are useful. An additional feature of the T500 Smart Watch is the capability to use this as a camera control for your smartphone’s camera.


There are some of the specifications of the T500 smartwatch. A narrow bezel is created using 2.5D tempered glass surrounding the screen and reaching the edges.

The size of the display screen of the T500 smartwatch is 1.54 inches, and also it has an IPS color screen. The brand name of the T500 smartwatch is Urban Boost. Also, it has 240×240 pixels on the screen. It is controlled via a touch interface. T500 smartwatch has a waterproof body. T500 smartwatches have no space for a memory card.

T500 2 Smart Watch

This smartwatch features a polymer battery that can recharge. The Bluetooth version of the T500 smartwatch is 4.2. T500 smartwatch has a touch-enabled full-screen display. Also, it is compatible with iOS 9.0 and Android 5.0. The silicone strap of the T500 smartwatch is a dark color.

The CPU chip of the T500 smartwatch is MTK2502. Moreover, the RAM and ROM of the T500 smartwatch are 34M and 128M. The working time of the T500 smartwatch battery is one to two days, and it is also made up of Lithium. The T500 Smartwatch is available in three colors: black, silver, and gold.

T500 smartwatch allows different languages like English, Russian, French, Spanish, Turkish, etc. A narrow bezel is created using 2.5D tempered glass surrounding the display and reaching the sides. In addition, the images are crisp and colorful.

Ag monitor, a heart rate monitor, and a blood pressure sensor are all included in the T500 Smartwatch.

Display Screen1.54 inches
VersionIOS 9.0 AND Android 9.0
CPU chipMTK2502
Screen240×240 pixels
ColorsBlack, gold, silver
SensorsHeart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor.


Some of the T500 smartwatches features are given below:

  • Hiking, running, ping pong, basketball, bowling, climbing, and biking are among the sports modes available on the wristwatch.
  • It also has a range, calorie monitor, and automated step monitor.
  • It enables We Chat, QQ, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp chat and text alerts, Wireless calls, quick text reminders, and social media app alerts.
  • Wireless music, inactive warnings, anti-lost, phone location, and a twist to capture a photo are other features.

Wearable technology offers a slew of useful features to one’s daily routine. The T500 Smart Watch is a wristwatch with a square display and a touchscreen that looks very similar to the Apple Watch. The straps are made of rubber, which makes them quite comfortable.

T500 3 Smart Watch

This smartwatch is also water-resistant, which would be a great plus if it gets wet while cleaning your hands or gets wet in the rain. The IP67 rating does not imply how you can swim with it.

The T500 Smart Watch comes with a variety of watch faces from which anyone can choose. A distance recorder, step counter, and multi-sports mode are available on activity.

T500 Smartwatch Instructions

Some of the instructions for the T500 smartwatch are given below that you should follow:

  • While using the watch, it should be charged for at least two hours. 
  • The initial security code is 1122, and it can stop anyone from using your wristwatch without your authorization.
  • To keep your sensitive information private, please update the original code.
  • If you’ve previously downloaded the necessary program, make sure you’re using the most recent version to guarantee that all functions are working properly. When a new version of the program becomes available, please check and update it.

After connecting to Bluetooth, you may examine your phone call history. All data are displayed, including missed calls, dialed calls, and received calls; the date, time, and mobile number may be checked. Take images using your phone’s camera, but you’ll need to turn on the cellphone screen using a watch to control it.

Before using, the battery must be fully charged, which takes around 1-2 hours. Also, you should use the appropriate cord and adapter. No other cord could be used to charge the smartwatch.

T500 Smartwatch Price in Pakistan in 2023

T500 smartwatch has a range of prices in Pakistan in 2023. The lowest price in Pakistan is Rs.1,999; the average price of this smartwatch in Pakistan will be Rs.2,700 in 2023.


The T500 wristwatch is a budget-friendly smartwatch with all of the features of more costly smartwatches. This smartwatch is also accessible in Pakistan at a reasonable price. This watch also comes with a long list of features and characteristics.

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