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United US 125 Price in Pakistan 2023 – Specs, Fuel Average and Images

The United US 125 is among United Company’s best bikes. The United US 125 also has the Euro II technology that has been implemented in the motorcycle, which has been designed specifically to meet your mileage needs. The price of the United US 125 in Pakistan in 2023 will be discussed in the article.

United US 125

Customers shopping for the 125cc bike will find United has the greatest option. United US 125 Competitors are Hero RF 125, Honda CG 125, and Unique UD 125. Because of its low price, it attracts customers. Customers who want a 125cc motorcycle but don’t have much money choose from the United US 125.

Bikers have long been enamored with United motorcycles. This year, the price of a United US 125 in Pakistan has risen marginally. The firm has maintained a strong reputation for producing high-quality, low-cost bicycles. United Motors bikes are always the first on the market to adopt innovations.

United US 125

The gasoline tank on the United US 125 is a brand-new design. The exterior color options are red and black. It comes with a kick-start system and a fuel reserve of 2 liters, and a large fuel tank capacity. It has a 4-speed transmission and is equipped with a capacitor discharge ignition system.

The United US 125 has a lovely rear seat with a grip for passenger support. Everyone wants to acquire a new bike that is better in terms of quality and efficiency than the one they already have; this is only achievable if the firm has introduced new features.


The bike has a newly developed suspension that provides better road grip and improved results, and also the ride is stable because of the superb tires that provide additional road grip. The United US 125 is equipped with a kick-start system rather than an electric starter. However, a single kick is sufficient to start the bicycle without difficulty.

United US 125 performance

The United US 125 is powered by a 4-speed transmission, air-cooled, OHV, 125cc engine with a capacitor discharged ignition system, and the 4-stroke is smooth and efficient. With precise gear changes, you can easily manoeuvre your bike through traffic and high speeds.

Because of its huge gasoline tank and 2 liters of reserve fuel, the United 125 is best suited for lengthy excursions. It also has a 1-liter liter engine oil capacity.


With a shape of both the United emblem added to it, the United US 125 looks fantastic, and the bike’s vibrant stripes stand out. It sports an eighteen-inch stainless mudguard and steel wheel. The front end features a stunning headlamp, lovely handlebars, and a sophisticated speedometer.

United US 125 Design

The fuel gauge shows how much petrol is left, and the back taillight is also built to look good. The seat has a lovely design and a backrest. This Seat is roomy enough for your little family, and the seat height is ergonomically adjustable. The seat is supportive and comfy, allowing you to relax and enjoy your long-distance travel.                     

United US 125’s build quality is likewise excellent since it provides dependable and long-lasting performance. The United US 125 is a stable and well-equipped bike for beginning bikers who want to get their hands on a good bike. However, the specifications are far less impressive compared to other bikes.


Overall, if you are looking for dependability, you should get United US 125 as soon as possible because this is one of the best brands available. United US 125 in Pakistan 2023, including all specifications, shape, and color information, are available. Anyone looking for the United 125 specifications can do so right now. So, in the table below, you’ll find all the specifications. 

Fuel tank capacity9.2 liter
Front brakeMechanical drum
Rear brakeMechanical drum
Engine oil1 Litre

Fuel Capacity and Mileage

With a gasoline tank capacity of 9 liters, the United US 125 provides 50 kilometers per liter mileage. It may reach a maximum speed of 100-120 kilometers per hour, but the effectiveness of the ride decreases as the speed is increased.

United US 125 Price in Pakistan

The United US 125 is a stable and well-equipped bike for beginning bikers who want to get their hands on a good bike. However, the specifications are far less impressive than Honda Bikes and Yamaha bikes. The price of the United US 125 Euro II technology in Pakistan is Rs. 79,500.


In this United US, 125 is discussed in detail. Its specifications are shown in the table too. The fuel average of the bike is too good, and its mileage is also great. All the details are discussed in the article.

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