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UAE Allows Professionals and Students to Apply for Golden Visa

Recently, United Arab Emirates (UAE) has expanded its eligibility criteria for its golden visa system by allowing certain professionals, like specialized degree-holders and other students, to work in UAE and live in the Middle Eastern country for the long term. It is a great opportunity for Pakistanis also to apply for their bright future.

According to the official statement that is issued by the UAE’s PM Office, all the doctors, engineers in the fields of specific computer engineering, electronics engineering, electricity and biotechnology, programming, artificial intelligence- AI, and big data can apply for this visa.

Moreover, the high school students living in the UAE country who rank among the top in the country and the students from certain universities holding a GPA of 3.8 or higher can also apply for this golden visa program.

In the year 2019, UAE’s PM and the Ruler of Dubai named Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum had also announced the golden visa system for a long-term residency program for professionals and students.

A golden visa is a total of 5-year or 10-year renewable residency visa of UAE, which enables the investors, researchers, entrepreneurs, and professional talents worldwide to come up with their ideas and residence in the Gulf state for the long term.

According to the report, just a few days after this golden visa system was first announced, more than 400 investors and businessmen, along with their families, applied and had availed of the long term visa. In the year 2019, in December, the UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship had also launched a dedicated website that is user-friendly for the golden visa applicants to apply.

Mehjabeen Qasim
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