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UK government commends Pakistan on 10 Billion Tree Tsunami Afforestation project

UK has appreciated Pakistan for its 10 billion trees Tsunami project. Earlier in 2014, KPK government launched this project of Billion Tree Afforestation Tsunami Project that was also monitored by the WWF-Pakistan. The UK government says Pakistan is showing global leadership in tackling climate change with its 10 Billion Tree Tsunami project.

However, WFF planted about 1.6 million of native tree species in 2019 as in various cities of Pakistan and around 1.002 million of these native plants were also planted with a provincial department of forest, academic institutions as well as civil society in previous year of 2020.

Lord Aamer Sarfraz, House of Lords UK said that during his recent session about the House of Lords on January 25th he states that this project is an overall effort that all the Pakistanis can surely be proud of by implementing it.

Lord Goldsmith of the Richmond Park, UK Environment Minister termed that this afforestation initiative is also a great achievement for all from which the whole world can learn and also emulate.

He further added that there is no doubt in saying that 2021 this current year is the planet Earth year, and by this COP26 would held this year, we all hope to celebrate more and more success from Pakistan.

He called this project as it is among one of the most effective and ambitious tree planting initiatives of the world.

Moreover, he stated that I absolutely and enthusiastically praise to celebrate the initiative of Pakistan’s 10 Billion Tree Tsunami and these ten thousands of new jobs which have been created just because of this project. It also goes to reflect that what is possible and what else can be achieved by this project in the upcoming years.

Mehjabeen Qasim
Mehjabeen Qasim
Business Journalist at Startup Pakistan

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