Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Wahyd Group Expands Logistics Marketplace to Afghanistan

Wahyd Group Inc., a leader in technology-enabled logistics, takes immense pride in announcing the expansion of its acclaimed “Wahyd Logistics platform” to Afghanistan, with the opening of its country headquarters in Kabul. With this new office, Wahyd Logistics will be offering its digital marketplace solution to transform logistics in Afghanistan for transporter and customer alike.

The Wahyd Logistics platform, which was launched in Pakistan in 2020, offers an end-to-end digitally connected logistics marketplace that connects transporters and customers. The stakeholders in the system are no longer constrained by physical hurdles and can get order fulfilment using multiple communication channels.

Wahyd Logistics is part of Wahyd Group, which offers a hub of innovative technological solutions, that have always strived to push the boundaries of technology disruption and innovation. Wahyd Logistics is a solution created to bring the industry into the marketplace era and up to modern standards. It has been designed to ensure it provides a real improvement to the quality of life of its users, and that it contributes towards a healthier economy.

Wahyd Group Inc. aims to bring to Afghanistan the positive changes it has implemented in countries throughout the region, and revitalize its logistics landscape.

“Expanding to Afghanistan was a natural step for us after getting unprecedented success in Pakistan, as we aim to technology enable the entire Central Asian logistics industry”, said Shahzad Sadan (CEO, Wahyd Pakistan). He further added, “The logistics sector is often seen as the backbone of any economy. This is especially true in developing countries, where a strong logistics sector can help to create a vibrant marketplace and stimulate economic growth. Central Asia is one region that is quickly emerging as a global logistics hub. Thanks to its strategic location and growing infrastructure, Central Asia is becoming an increasingly important transit point for goods moving between Europe and Asia”

The service will be available in Afghanistan from the 1st week of April 2022 and will be open to all the players in the ecosystem from the get-go.

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