Friday, September 29, 2023

4 reasons why Muslims Recite Adhan In newborn’s ears

We frequently witness our elderly relatives reciting the Adhan and Iqamah in a baby’s ears. Why do they do it? There are four primary causes behind that.

1. An indication of being a Muslim

The child is a Muslim, as evidenced by the Adhan recital. The child’s parents insist that Islam is their son or daughter’s religion. Adhan is recited in a child’s ears to ensure that the child is being called to Islam.

2. The child is purified

The Adhan is given to purify the child. The kid gets purified of the Devil’s evil. Adhan assists in driving the devil’s evil from the newborn, even though the devil may have a hold of the child.

The Zikr of Allah helps keep the devil. The devil has been informed that the child is a Muslim and will not follow the devil’s way.

3. To please Allah

An ideal omen needs that the Adhan be heard as the newborn Muslim’s first sentence. The Muslim thinks that by performing the deed, Allah will be pleased and the child will grow up to be a devout Muslim.

4. This is Adhan and Iqamah of funeral prayers

Adhan is said as a reminder that every soul must die. When a baby is born, we offer Adhan and Iqamah, but when someone passes away, we merely hold a funeral prayer.

This suggests that the purpose of the Adhan recited into our ears is to remind us of death. Every life is temporary, and Adhan serves as a reminder of this. This Adhan indicates that the period between life and death is similar to the period between Adhan and Salah.

Our funeral prayer will soon begin after the Adhan has been recited in our ears. Allah knows the best. May he show us all the right way!

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