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6 Sugary Foods Can Increase Kidney Stone Risk

Sugary foods and drinks have been identified as the main cause of kidney stone formation in the results of a new study.

Kidney stone formation is a painful disease that is also quite complicated to treat. Once the stone is removed, the risk of its recurrence increases even more than before.

According to the results of American research, one out of every 11 people in the world may develop kidney stones.

Medical experts say that kidney stones can have several causes, including not drinking enough water, having a family history, high calcium intake, obesity, diabetes and high consumption of certain foods, especially sweet foods.

Recently, the results of a study have been published in the foreign media ‘Frontiers Nutrition’.

In this study, American experts researched more than 28 thousand people for 11 years, male and female volunteers were included in this study and all the volunteers had kidney stones. His other clinical symptoms were also reviewed including collection.

1- Cold Drinks

These typically refer to beverages served chilled, such as sodas and other carbonated drinks. They often contain high amounts of added sugars, flavorings, and sometimes caffeine.

2- Soda Water

Also known as carbonated water or sparkling water, soda water is water into which carbon dioxide gas has been dissolved. While plain soda water doesn’t usually contain sugar, flavored or sweetened varieties might.

3- Colored Drinks

These are usually non-alcoholic beverages with artificial colorings, often loaded with sugars and preservatives. Examples include fruit punches, sports drinks, and other artificially colored sugary beverages.

4- Ice Cream

A sweetened frozen dessert made from dairy and often combined with fruits, nuts, chocolates, and other flavorings. It contains sugar, milk fats, and sometimes additives.

5- Cakes

A baked dessert that can range from simple bread-like to elaborate with multiple layers, icing, and decorations. They typically contain refined flours, sugars, fats, and other sweet ingredients.

6- Homemade Sweet Foods

These encompass a variety of dishes made at home that are sweet in nature. It can include puddings, pastries, pies, cookies, and other sugary treats.

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