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How to Check Your Own Number in 2023 | Jazz | Zong | Ufone | Telenor

Sim cards are among the necessities of today’s era; people keep changing sim cards. Each sim card has its specific Number mentioned on it as ICCID. ICCID of each sim card is special, and it is used to recognise sim cards. A Sim card number is a set of digits that enables the ICCID to identify a sim card. Yoo can check your own number of sims by reading this article.

How to Check Sim Card Number

When a person buys a Sim card, the sim card number is usually printed on the sim card called ICCID number. You can also check sim number online through CNIC But if a person wants to check the sim card number within the phone, they will have to go through the following procedure:

For Android Users

 Procedure to locate Sim card number within the phone for Android Users:

  • Open your phone and visit the Settings of your phone.
  • Look for “ABOUT PHONE”, and when you find it click on it.
  • Then search for “STATUS” once you find it click on it.
  • In the STATUS BAR, search for the option of “Sim Card status”, and when you find it click on that option.
  • After clicking on Sim card Status, now search ICCID in that bar. When you find ICCID, Look carefully. This is your  “Sim card number.”

  For iOS Users

  • Power on your IOS and search for the Settings
  • Scroll until find “GENERAL” when you get it to tap it
  • Now it’s time to tap “ABOUT.”
  • Then Look for ICCID while scrolling down. When you find it, look carefully. It is your sim number.

How to Check your Zong Number

Check Zong Number

Zong has been dealing in 4G for many years, but other than that, it is also finding ways to introduce the 5G network in Pakistan. Hence, becoming the very first mobile Network dealing in 5G. It is the most used Network in Pakistan. You can also trace your number in Pakistan.

Coming towards the methods that help find our own Zong number, there are four specific methods to perform this task. 

The very first method is that if one has to check his personal Number, you must dial *8# from your Mobile’s dialer, and all of a sudden, your mobile number will appear on your screen, and it will not deduct any charges from your credit. So you don’t have to have credit on your Mobile.

But in case this won’t work, you can go for *2#

The other method is also very simple, to know your Number from your Mobile, you have to dial *100# from your phone dialer, and your personal Number will appear on your screen.

The third method is to type a message from your messenger app, type “MNP”, and send it to 667.

After a minute or two, you will receive a message having your personal Number and name in it. But it will charge you to perform this task. So you must have some credit on your phone.

Finally, the method is a bit different from the former; it is by using Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA). You have to check online if you want to know your Number; for this, you have to visit the Official Website of PTA and check PTA sim Information system, and there you can have all the information you want regarding your Number.

How to check your Ufone Number

Check Ufone Number

Ufone is considered the most popular mobile Network in our country as it gives splendid coverage across the country. It is also a branch of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL). Other than that, it has also introduced 4G services in many popular cities of Pakistan. Also, their way of advertising their company is quite impressive that people find it more interesting.

Following are the methods that could be used to check our own Ufone number: –

There are three methods to do so; the first one is dialling a code. It is a very easy process; all you have to do is dial a code, i.e. *708*3#, from your dialer on the phone. Your contact number will appear on your mobile screen as we dial it. The good thing about this method is that it will not charge you. So people find it convenient.

The other method is almost the same as above, but you have to dial *one # instead in this. And your contact number will appear on the screen.

Chargers are also not deducted by this method.

The last but not the least method is to type a message. For this, you have to type “MNP” on your Messaging app and send it to 667

After some instant, you will receive a message which holds your personal Number and name.

But the con of this method is that it will deduct some charges from your Mobile’s balance. So you must have some money on your Mobile.

Otherwise, it will give an error.

Mentioning another thing here is that Ufone users can also call the helpline by dialling 333 from the dial pad, and the operator will answer it. You have to follow the instructions leading to your desired Ufone number.

How to check own number in Jazz

Check Jazz Number

Jazz, also known as Mobilink, is considered the best Network and internet provider in Pakistan. It has a huge following in millions. It gained popularity way before. And now it has a partnership with Warid, after which its technology is immense, providing the best LTE network all across Pakistan.

Jazz has also found ways in the 4G network, which has further grown to 5G and is now the 2nd Network to start 5G in Pakistan. If you have jazz sim and have internet package You can check jazz reaming MBs easily too.

But coming to the query that if you can’t find Your Jazz number, we discuss ways to find own Jazz number like we already discussed how to load Jazz card

The first method is to dial through your dialling pad, *99#. After a few secs, you will automatically have your Number on your screen. You don’t have to worry about the charges because it’s free.

Another method is via texting; you have to go to your messaging app, type MNP, same as other mobile networks, and send it to 667. After a minute probably, you will receive a text message having your mobile number on your screen. But your balance will deduct for using this method, so you must have some balance on your Mobile.

Last but not least, jazz users can call the helpline for this or any query, the attendant will attend the call, and you must follow his instructions, he will ask you some personal information like your name and your CNIC number biodata, and after telling him the query, he will help you by giving you your Number that you were looking for

How to Check your own Telenor Number

Check Telnor Number

Being the famous Network in Pakistan, Telenor gives you a great 4G internet experience. It has widened in almost every city of Pakistan, having a Vast range. Its motto is “Connecting you to what matters the most”, which they also proved by giving a good network range to places where no other networks approached.

Telenor is the the second-largest cellular service provider in our country. If you don’t remember your Telenor number you can check the following method also it will be easy for you to transfer balance from one sim to other of your own sims when you needed.

There are five ways to check your Number if you have forgotten or never remembered it. The very first method is to check by sending an SMS. For this, you have to go to your messaging app and send an empty message to 7421, then wait for a few secs, and you will receive a message from the same Number having your Telenor Number.

But for this, you must have some credit on your phone as it will deduct charges from it; otherwise, will notice an error.

The other method is dialling a number, i.e., 7421 it is the same Number you texted. The auto-response will respond to you quickly with the personal Number that you want.

And this method doesn’t require any charges and is considered the most effective one.

You can also view your Number by your Telenor app; for this, you have to download the Telenor app from your app store. And your Number will be displayed on it when you open the app.

You can also call the helpline, a Telenor representative, dialling 345. After some time, they will answer your call and ask you for personal information like your Name, CNIC, etc. You will get to know your Number from them.


This article explains that a sim number is present on a sim card, but if anyone has to check their sim number for any network, how to check it and find your Number of any network.

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