Monday, October 2, 2023

President Alvi is ready to rescue flood victims in his boat.

Severe rains wreaked devastation in sections of Islamabad, courtesy of which President Arif Alvi declared to participate in rescue and relief operations using his boat.

A mother and her son lost their lives on Wednesday when a cloudburst triggered severe rain in numerous sections of Islamabad, causing urban flooding. Flood water swept away cars in the E-11 region of the city, as seen on social media.

Back in 2017, Mr President came out with his boat to save people. He said that he was convinced of the administration’s rescue work. The president tweeted that, if necessary, he was ready with his boat; with a smiley, he ended the tweet.

The flash flood was caused by a cloudburst, according to authorities, who encouraged the public to cooperate and limit needless movements. In addition, while rescue and management personnel ran all across the city to deal with the issue, Section 144 was imposed banning bathing in waterways.

According to reports, the federal capital received at least 330mm of rain. A rain-related control room has been established for the next few days, which will function 24 hours a day, seven days a week and monitor the situation.

Prime Minister Imran Khan was also alerted to the situation and advised civilians to exercise caution due to severe monsoon rains.

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